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Astrological and Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Jewellery

Jewellery is not simply an important accessory for fashion lovers, but it is also widely known to provide astrological and spiritual benefits to the wearer. Besides it’s monetary value, jewellery pieces tend to hold special significance for the wearer. While some ornaments have emotional value and function as a reminder of a special person or a special day, there are also some ornaments that the wearer considers lucky or protective. If you’re wondering how to evaluate the extra significance of your jewellery, here’s Jewel Tree London’s guide to understanding astrological and spiritual benefits of different jewellery.

Jewellery and Zodiac Signs

Jewellery and Zodiac Signs

Apart from buying jewellery featuring your Zodiac symbol, it’s important to understand the personality traits associated with your Zodiac sign, and the kind of jewellery one needs to wear in order to attract good luck and prosperity. The personality traits of your Zodiac can also help you easily define your personal style when it comes to picking jewellery helping you decide whether you should opt for stacked rings or perhaps a gold cuff bracelet.

Jewellery and Body Parts

Jewellery and Body Parts

Each piece of jewellery is designed to be worn on a specific part of the body and each part of the body is represented by specific ​chakras. When an ornament is worn, it activates the chakra associated with that body part which in turn releases its spiritual energy. Necklaces in particular, such as the 18ct gold chain or necklace for women, help evoke the chakra of the heart region and spiritual connection with God and the universe.

Metals and Stones

Metals and Stones

The month you are born in is what decides what your birthstone will be. Birthstones are widely regarded to have unique healing properties and are considered as a symbol of good fortune and wellness. Stones that match with your birth month as well as stones that are paired with your zodiac can prove to be extremely prosperous, particularly when worn as rings and pendants. Metals too can have a strong impact on the wearer, with certain metals used to cleanse energy, and assist with the natural healing process of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Topic

  1. What are the benefits of wearing jewellery?
    Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the wearer, jewellery has been long associated with astrological and spiritual benefits that bring positive energy, prosperity and stability.
  2. Does silver attract negative energy?
    No. On the contrary, silver is capable of cleaning a person’s aura by dispelling negative energy.
  3. What does gold do spiritually?
    Gold is known to possess spiritual powers that bring happiness, peace, stability and luck to those who wear it correctly.
  4. Does gold bring good luck?
    Gold itself is a symbol of wealth, given its value. Given it’s spiritual powers, it is considered to bring good luck to those who wear it correctly.
  5. What color means wealth?
    Green in western cultures, red in eastern cultures.
  6. Which Zodiac should not wear a tortoise ring?
    While tortoise ring holds significant value, can is not suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.
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