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Author: Khalid Ma'Ani

Birthstones are gems - precious and semi precious - that are associated with the birth month of an individual. These colorful stones are often associated with good fortune, and hold significant meaning for the wearer. The stone of the month for July is the alluring and ever gorgeous gemstone: Ruby. Here’s all you need to know about this birthstone. Ravishing Ruby: All About the Stone A variety of the mineral aluminium oxide, Ruby is a blood-red coloured gemstone that is likely to instantly captivate your attention. The stone gets it colour due to the presence of an element called chromium. Historically, rubies

For any jewellery lover, finding the perfectly fitting ring is the dream and losing a ring because iit fell off due to being too little too loose is the nightmare. Your ring size may fluctuate for many common reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss or your body reacting to weather changes. In fact, something as trivial as a high-salt meal can affect water retention in your fingers making them puff up and then shrink back. Read on to find out about techniques to make your ring smaller without altering it permanently. Sizing and Resizing a Ring In order to determine your ring

Whether it’s a person you matched with on a dating app, a coworker who asked you out, someone you met at the bar or simply a friend of a friend - going on the first date is bound to bring with it a fair share of the butterflies in stomach feeling. You could have chatted online for a while, may have been speaking on calls and might have even Facetimed each other already, but meeting someone for a first ​date is a whole other ball game. First dates are when you get to put your best foot forward, and give your

The world as we know it has changed substantially over the last few weeks, yet most of us continue to try and maintain some semblance of normalcy in our daily lives. We might be working from home for the most time and stepping out only for a quick grocery run, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on our style statement. In fact, dressing up as you would do for a normal work day is actually recommended by professionals to promote mental well-being. If you’re going to be putting on your ‘outside’ clothes for that video conference, then why

Ever wonder why jewellery as a fashion accessory has a certain feel good factor about it? Sure, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can work wonders to elevate any given outfit, but there’s so much more to jewellery than meets the eye. For centuries, various cultures around the globe have believed in the astrological and spiritual powers of jewellery that when worn correctly, it can bring peace, harmony and happiness. While not everyone may buy into astrology, there’s little to refute when it comes to scientifically proven health benefits that can come with wearing certain types of jewellery. Curious? Here’s


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