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Stone of the Month for August: Peridot

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Birthstones are gems - precious and semi precious - that are assigned to the birth month of an individual. These colourful stones are often associated with good fortune, and hold significant meaning for the wearer. For the month of August, the olive coloured peridot is the most widely recognized birthstone.

Where is Peridot Found?

Where is Peridot Found

Peridot is a silicate mineral and magnesium rich variety of olivine. Its light green colour is dependent on the presence of iron within the structure of the gem. While most gemstones are found in the Earth’s crust, peridot happens to be one of the only two gemstones that originate much deeper in the Earth’s mantle - the other stone being diamond. Peridots are also known to be found in meteorites.

Some of the principal regions for mining this gem include Arizona (US), Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tanzania among others.

Value of Peridot

Value of Peridot

As is with other gemstones the value of peridot is determined by the 4Cs - the cut, carat, colour and clarity. Given that peridots originate much deeper than other gemstones, gem quality peridots are rare to find and hence their value is considerably high. Their price ranges from about $50-$80 per carat for smaller sized stones and can go as high as $500 per carat for larger well cut gems of pristine colour. Peridots are typically not enhanced or synthesised in labs. The only man-made imitations that comes close to a peridot’s appearance is green glass which can be easily picked out by its singular refraction.

Significance of Peridot

Significance of Peridot

Peridot has been prized for centuries for its protective powers and its healing energies assist in dealing with mental health issues such as symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is said to sharpen the mind and open the heart, elevating the wearer to new levels of awareness and growth. Given the green hue, peridots can sometimes be mistaken for emeralds and other green coloured gems, so make sure you consult a gemologist when looking to purchase a peridot.

How to Best Wear a Peridot?

How to Best Wear a Peridot

Peridot can be adorned as a ring for those who want to include their birthstone in their daily wear. Peridot sets beautifully against both gold and silver, making it easy to accessorize and style with various different pieces and outfits.

Alternative Birthstones: Sardonyx & Spinel

Alternative Birthstones: Sardonyx & Spinel

Sardonyx is the traditional birthstone for the month of August, and is still valued as the same by many in Britain. Sardonyx is simply a variety of onyx in which the coloured bands shades of red (sard) instead of black.

Spinel is another stone that is considered an alternative birthstone for August, particularly in the US. Spinels can be colourless but are usually known to possess hues of pink, rose, red, green, yellow, blue, brown or black.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the birthstone for the month of August?
    The most widely recognized birthstone for the month of August is peridot. However, US also considers spinel as a birthstone for August and the UK considers sardonyx as an alternative as well.
  • 2. What are the 2 birthstones for each month?
    Not every month necessarily has 2 birthstones. While a standard list of stones for each month is recognized the world over, there are certain regional variations that are used as alternatives in the US and the UK. Birthstones by month have a traditional as well as a modern list.
  • 3. What color represents August?
    Light green, Orange and Red are the colours that represent August, as is reflected in the birthstones for the month: peridot, spinel and sardonyx.
  • 4. What is the rarest birthstone?
    Ruby, blue diamond and jadeite are considered as the rarest of birthstones.
  • 5. What is the most expensive birthstone?
    Diamond is the most expensive birthstone - the stone of the month for April.