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For those of you who love jewellery, have a nose for trends BUT want to stay true to your own personal style - this Style Edit from JTL is for you.

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Jewel Tree London Style Edit

Stylist tip for Necklaces:
Necklaces are known to change the viewer's perception of a person's height. By choosing long necklaces, one can seem taller. But do remember to consider the chunkiness or volume of a necklace. A big-boned person may rock a chunkier necklaces than a petite person. Rules rules and more rules. 
JTL Style Tip 01: 
If you love your own style, STAY TRUE TO YOUR OWN STYLE. The world needs variety, it needs you!
JTL Style Tip 02:
Autumn teaches us that change can be a beautiful thing
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The 5Stack Ring from Pure Collection is our season's best seller. This statement ring  adds a touch of understated glamour and cool to your personal style.


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