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Birthstones are gems - precious and semi precious - that are associated with the birth month of an individual. These colorful stones are often associated with good fortune, and hold significant meaning for the wearer. The stone of the month for July is the alluring and ever gorgeous gemstone: Ruby. Here’s all you need to know about this birthstone. Ravishing Ruby: All About the Stone A variety of the mineral aluminium oxide, Ruby is a blood-red coloured gemstone that is likely to instantly captivate your attention. The stone gets it colour due to the presence of an element called chromium. Historically, rubies

For any jewellery lover, finding the perfectly fitting ring is the dream and losing a ring because iit fell off due to being too little too loose is the nightmare. Your ring size may fluctuate for many common reasons such as pregnancy, weight loss or your body reacting to weather changes. In fact, something as trivial as a high-salt meal can affect water retention in your fingers making them puff up and then shrink back. Read on to find out about techniques to make your ring smaller without altering it permanently. Sizing and Resizing a Ring In order to determine your ring

Black, a powerful colour, is often associated with elegance, strength, beauty, sophistication and simplicity among other things. Just the colour itself makes black onyx a captivating choice to be incorporated into fashion accessories. However, apart from its beauty, it’s worn predominantly for its spiritual properties. Let’s dive a little deeper and learn all about the black onyx - from history to its value and uses. The History of Black Onyx Onyx is a variety of silicate mineral chalcedony with parallel bands. Black Onyx is the most famous variety of onyx. The stone has a long history of being associated with protective powers

If you’re a veteran and have just added a new piercing to your swell collection, we couldn’t be happier for you - there’s no such thing as too many earrings anyway. If you’ve just gotten your ear pierced for the very first time, Jewel Tree London would like to welcome you to the fabulous world of ear fashion! We can promise you’re going to have a ton of fun exploring and building your personal style statement. From unique silver earrings to gorgeous gold earrings - there’s plenty to have fun with when it comes to ear piercings. But before you

A piece of jewellery is rarely ever just a fashion accessory. Most pieces have emotional value attached and some are even associated with spiritual, protective properties. When a dear piece of jewellery gets damaged or lost, the heartbreak is too real! At Jewel Tree London we don’t want any of our fellow jewellery lovers to have to face the emotional turmoil of no longer being able to wear your favorite piece, so here are 8 jewellery care tips to best protect your precious pieces. 1. Store Your Jewellery Well After purchase it is important that you store your jewellery well. Jewellery should

Birthstones are gems - precious and semi precious - that are associated with the birth month of an individual. These colorful stones are often associated with good fortune and hold significant meaning for the wearer. The stone of the month for June is the spectacularly milky gemstone: pearl. Here’s all you need to know about this gemstone. Where Do Pearls Come From? Composed of calcium carbonate, pearls originate within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. The most valuable nacreous pearl is formed in bivalve mollusks or clams. Natural pearl formation occurs when a microscopic particle or object gets trapped within

Gemstones have been revered for the various attributes by many cultures and civilizations since antiquity. Whether it’s their gorgeous colours that add charm to jewellery designs or their mystical healing powers and spiritual properties - we at Jewel Tree London are always fascinated to learn all about stones and love working with them. Since all our pieces are crafted with love and care, we only want our fellow jewellery lovers to reap the best of the benefits.However, thanks to the sheer variety of stones out there with each of them having their own unique properties, nothing can ever be written

Lapis lazuli is an intensely blue coloured metamorphic rock that has been prized as a semi-precious stone since ancient times. Composed primarily of the mineral lazurite, lapis lazuli is mined mostly in Afghanistan along with relatively smaller deposits found in countries such as Siberia, Russia, Angola, Argentina, Canada and US among others. Self Healing with Lapis Lazuli: Uncovering the Mystical Powers of this Sacred Stone Besides being used as an attractive addition to jewellery design, lapis is also ground to produce natural ultramarine pigment of the finest quality. However, it’s most precious use is perhaps the mystical powers associated with the sacred

Gold that displays a pink or rose coloured hue is termed as rose gold. How does the gold acquire this hue? And is it even real gold if it’s rose coloured? What exactly are the pros and cons of shopping rose gold jewellery? All this and more will be answered in our blog right here All About Rose Gold To set the record straight right off the mark - yes, rose gold is real gold. It may not be gold in its purest form but it’s gold nonetheless and all the best jewellery brands in London can vouch for its authenticity. In

We at Jewel Tree London are definitely obsessed with stones! We absolutely love the pop of colour stones can add to any jewellery piece and more than that we are fascinated by all the spiritual properties they allude to. From Oxford Street to Notting Hill, all the jewellery shops including top jewellery brands of London are offering you precious and semi-precious gemstones to elevate your jewellery collection. However, the sheer variety of stones out there and all the brilliant colours they come can often make for a confusing choice. We are here to help you out a little by telling you


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