Designed for those who celebrate urban life and appreciate the forms of cityscapes and skylines. This collection draws on the rawness of building materials, structures and textures. The interplay of hard lines with soft finishes provides our interpretation of wearable architecture. We especially love how light plays on the staggered surfaces to make this collection so unique. Wearable Architecture Our Hive Collection is inspired by geometry in cityscapes, and features staggered surfaces that reflect light to create a very personal design. The geometric cuts and angulations in the Hive ornaments are well defined to capture the interesting play of light between different planes. Each piece of the collection is like wearable architecture with a pixelated structure on the surface representing the raw grid of buildings which in turn embodies the spirit of urban living. Designs that mean Business The signature designs of Hive Collection include IIcon Ring, Stack Rings, Cuff Bracelet and Lego Cufflinks - all pieces that promise to perfectly complement your everyday formal attire. These designs are a sure shot way to show that you actually mean business when it comes to making cosmopolitan style statements. Made to Last The sharp and sleek designs of Hive Collection are all crafted in Sterling Silver and finished beautifully in 18ct Gold Vermeil. These designs are a reflection of urban living and our pieces, which are handcrafted with love and care, boast of a superior quality that is made to last.