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Stone of the Month for July: Ruby

Birthstones are gems – precious and semi precious – that are associated with the birth month of an individual. These colorful stones are often associated with good fortune, and hold significant meaning for the wearer. The stone of the month for July is the alluring and ever gorgeous gemstone: Ruby. Here’s all you need to know about this birthstone.

Ravishing Ruby: All About the Stone

Ravishing Ruby: All About the Stone

A variety of the mineral aluminium oxide, Ruby is a blood-red coloured gemstone that is likely to instantly captivate your attention. The stone gets it colour due to the presence of an element called chromium. Historically, rubies have been held in high esteem, including being referred to as the ‘king of precious stones’ in ancient India. Discovered over 2000 years ago, the oldest known source of fine rubies is in Myanmar. Since the late 20th Century, Vietnam too has become an important region for mining rubies. Southeast Asia and Africa are prominent sources of rubies in the world, currently. Although rubies are generally associated with bright red colour, the actual colour of the stone can vary from light pink to deep red. A ruby generally tends to have a pinker hue as compared to a garnett.

The Meaning and Significant Properties of Ruby

The Meaning and Significant Properties of Ruby

Ruby gets its name from the latin word for red – ruber, and represents nobility, purity and passion. One of the four precious stones alongside diamond, sapphire and emerald, ruby has been long associated with having mystical powers. In fact, ancient Hindus have observed that rubies are spiritually connected to the root chakra which enables the stone to ward off evil and negative energies. Burmese warriors even believed that wearing a ruby would make one virtually invincible!

But it’s not all just myths and legends. Like other crystals and gemstones, rubies too are known to possess spiritual and healing properties. It is particularly said to aid in curing inflammatory and circulatory issues, promote vitality and youth, alleviate body pain and overall inspire better health. For those born in July, this birthstone is said to bring good luck and protection.

How Valuable Are Rubies?

How Valuable Are Rubies

Compared to other precious stones, large rubies are much rarer to find in nature and this rarity gives an incredible boost to their value. Their hardness is also second only to diamond, making them an impressive gemstone, particularly in jewellery design. Whether they’re natural or created in a lab is a major influence on the price, apart from their colour, cut and clarity. Untreated natural rubies can rake in nearly £15K!

Ruby in Jewellery Design

Ruby in Jewellery Design

These exotically coloured lustrous stones make for a great addition to jewellery design. A symbol of love and passion, the red colour of the stone makes it for a perfect present to give to a loved one. Rubies are paired well with diamonds and they also feature heavily in gold jewellery, particularly in the Indian culture. If you’re looking to wear ruby to harness its spiritual and healing properties, you are going to have to include it in your everyday style. The best way to do this is either a ring or a bracelet. You are likely to find a suitable piece with most top jewellery brands and Jewel Tree London too can create a custom piece for you from our Urban collection.

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